Team Fat Chance / Yo Eddy / 1990

Chris Chance had a fortuitous coincidence on his hands.  His last name coupled with the name of the ‘fat tire’ bike movement gaining in popularity would become ‘Fat Chance’. He would go on to make some of the most defining bikes of the time (Fuck’n Fat Chance) but none so iconic as the Yo Eddy. There are more than a few stories about the difficulties of finding a ‘Yo’ frame when they came out - waiting lists that would never be filled - demand far outpacing availability. Yo’s are fast bikes - so using expensive and light machined parts from the early 90’s was an obvious choice. Less obvious is the use of heavier steel parts - such as Bullseye - which comes with its own iconic status - and like the Yo Eddy has collected more trophies than most of the other brands combined. 

Year: 1990 

Frame: Fat Chance / Yo Eddy 

Fork: Fat Chance / BOI 

Stem: Ringlé / Trail 

Headset: Chris King 

Bottom Bracket: Bullseye 

Handlebar: Answer / Hyperlite 

Shifters: Shimano XT M730 

Rear Derailleur: Paul 

Front Derailleur: Paul 

Brake Levers: Prototype Machining Joe’s Levers 

Front Brake: Prototype Machining Joe’s Cantilever 

Rear Brake: Prototype Machining Joe’s Cantilever 

Crankset: Bullseye 

Chainrings: Shimano SG 

Pedals: Shimano XT 

Hubs: Bullseye 

Rims: Campagnolo / Mirox 

Tires: Vredestein Slizer / Serum Anti Snake Bite 

Wheel QR: Bolt On 

Seatpost: Syncros 

Saddle: Selle Italia / Turbo 

Seatpost QR: FC 

Grips: ODI Attack 

Chain: Shimano SG 

Cogs: IRD 

Owner: Mike Berlin’s Mountain Bikes