Intro to the Blog- "Tales from the Trails"

Intro to the Blog- "Tales from the Trails"

Hi everyone, we hope this message finds you well.

The winter hibernation here in Ontario, Canada is in full effect which leaves us with lots to dream about the upcoming season, and we thought it would be no better time to introduce our new Ride and Gear Review Blog titled: Tales from the Trails.

This blog has been in the slow-cooker since 2019 and only became increasingly tangible with our website progression. Over here at Gremlins, we are enthusiastic about everything outdoors- the preparation, gear, adventures, and culture, we really get a kick out of every little aspect of it. Which is why we would really like to share some of our experiences and expertise with all of you. The blog will be split into two main subjects- a 'General Blog' and a 'Gear Reviews' sections. The general blog will be a great place for us to post race recaps, ride reports, and keep you folks up to date with what we're up to. The gear review section will be dedicated to the exploration of fabrics, techniques, and design by rigorously wear testing the products produced by the plethora of brands in our field. Our goals surrounding the gear reviews will be to further educate people on some of the products available to them on the market and to help them better understand the potential they might have.  We hope to provide some unbiased opinions that may aid people in coming up with their own conclusions about what works best for them. 

If you have any routes, rides, races, or products that you feel we should try out and share our thoughts about, feel free to email us more information at Subject "Tales from the Trails".

We are looking forward to sharing our silly little stories with all of you!



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Can’t wait to read the upcoming posts! Sounds awesome



John Pork

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