Gremlins Homegrown Collection

Gremlins Homegrown Collection

Schwinn Homegrown mountain bikes have a rich history dating back to the early 1990s when Schwinn, a renowned American bicycle manufacturer, introduced the boutique line boasting MADE IN AMERICA. The Homegrown line was a significant departure from Schwinn's traditional designs, showcasing a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovation in the budding mountain biking scene. These bikes gained popularity for their loud paint jobs and decals- namely the “Bass-Boat Flake” in an array of colours, their meticulous welds, and “Epicenter” rear seat-stay technology, reflecting Schwinn's dedication to providing riders with top-tier performance. Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Homegrown series evolved to incorporate advancements in suspension systems and materials, solidifying its reputation among avid mountain bikers and garnering quite the cult following. 

Inspired by the design, quality, and legacy of the Schwinn Homegrown series, we wanted to bring back some of the classic art produced by one of our favourite mountain bike companies. The Gremlins Homegrown Collection consists of a heavyweight cotton long sleeve, an array of 1/1 vintage printed shirts, a double sided reflector, and sticker. 

Apart from the release of the long sleeves, reflectors, and stickers, we will be releasing a limited run of in-store-only 1/1 shirts with the Gremlins Factory Racing graphic printed on vintage blanks. 

Intrigued by our very own Schwinn Homegrown, we meticulously studied the design and history as to not overlook any microscopic detail when compiling the historic research and design of the collection. Everything was taken into consideration- from the cast lugs, to every single decal detail, to the correct top cap, to the stock bicycle computer displayed in the dealer catalog.

Excerpts from our Schwinn Dealer catalog from 1997. This catalog detailed some of the paint swatches, group-set packages, similar models and much more information.


Blog & Design: Mason Lover & Mateus Butterwick

Photos: Royce Flores & Mateus Butterwick

Rider: Carson Lessif

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